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Used Dental Digital X-ray Sensor | Schick CDR Elite

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What do we mean by ?

The CDR Elite Sensor intended for any dental practice that uses X-ray equipment for intraoral diagnostic purposes. It can be used by trained dental professionals for patients receiving intraoral X-ray examinations and produces digital images that can be displayed, enhanced, printed, and saved. 

Available in:

  • Size #1
  • Size #2
  • Utilizes active pixel sensors
  • Kink-resistant cord
  • Patients are exposed to far less radiation and spend less time in the chair while you get excellent images with no chemicals, no waiting, and no duplication hassles.
  • Improves image quality

 Be gentle with sensor cord at all times. Any kinks or damage to cord can render sensor nonfunctional.

    Technical Specifications: 
    • Supply Voltage: 
      +5V DC (derived for PC USB port)
    • Supply Current: 
      250 mA
    • Power Consumption: 
    • Dimension: 
      3.25 x 2.3 x 0.9 in.
    • Weight: 
      1.8 oz.
    • External power supply: 
      None (power supplied via USB)
    • Maximum cable length: 
      5 m