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Used Dental Endodontic Equipment | Dentazon Endo-Apex

Endo-Apex dual obturation system from DXM combines 2 effective obturation devices into 1 convenient package for maximum efficiency.
The Endo-Apex offers optimum functionality and reliable apical control along with superior tactile sensing.

Friendo pen - Cordless vertical condensation device. Friendo Pen offers optimum functionality and excellent apical control and is fully compatible with standard vertical condensation (compaction) techniques.

  • Softening root canal filling material
  • Spreading root canal filling material vertically
  • Cutting guttapercha points of root canal filling materials
  • Cutting plastic obturator handles

Gutta Easy Gun - Thermoplastic backfill obturation device Gutta Easy gun makes guttapercha backfill obturation much easier and faster. The gutta easy’s rapid yet precise heating control mechanism delivers reliable and predictable clinical results.

  • Thermoplasticized obturation (backfilling) of root canal filling materials
  • Friendo
  • 360 degree swivel tips
  • Ultra-fast temperature control
  • 3-dimensional backfill obturation
  • Adjustable temperature settings

Gutta Easy

Temperature reaches 200°C within 23 seconds.
Easy Swivel™ 
Premium quality silver alloy tips


  • Simple and easy operations
  • Autoclaveable needle tips (Friendo)
  • Autoclaveable thermal and safety protectors (Friendo / Gutta Easy)
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Maximum portability with stylish design
  • Reduces hand and wrist fatigue and adds more precision to hard to reach canals
  • Color-coded pen tips are available in various sizes for easy recognition
  • Convenient and reliable obturation with predictable results
Technical Specifications: 
  • Operation temperature : 
    Friendo" : 170˚ / 200˚ / 220 Gutta Easy" 160˚ / 180˚ / 200
  • WidthTime of heat: 
    25~32sec / 03~0.5sec
  • Friendo tip sizes: 
  • Gutta Easy tip sizes: 
  • Operation time: 
  • Charging time: 
    2hrs & 30min
  • Demension: 
    Friendo handpiece 200x22x33(mm) 2.3 oz. Gutta easy handpiece 160x125x33(mm)7oz. Charging station 200x167x73(mm)15.9 oz
  • Input power: 
    AC 100~250V,50~60Hz.
  • Output power: 
    6V DC,2.5A.