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X-Nav Technologies X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System for Implant Surgery

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X-Nav Technologies X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System for Implant Surgery

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Technician Testing Notes

  • Comes functional from a working office. Purchased in 2017. Like-new condition.

From the Manufacturer:
The only live, 360-degree single-view of drill position and anatomy during surgery, X-Guide allows 3D treatment planning.X-Guide also will make same-day guided surgery a reality for patients ? and at just a fraction of the cost of traditional guides.Why do I need to Guide at all when my freehand results are already good?You may be good ? but you can always be better. Most implants are restorable but sometimes the small deviations from perfect require custom abutments or perhaps non-ideal emergence. Perfection is the goal.I?ve placed thousands of implants already, why would I want Dynamic Navigation?If you take post implant placement cone beam scans and look at them closely, you will tend to want to make small adjustments on angulation or spacing. Navigation will improve your placement even though you have lots of experience. Data collected on over 400 implants in the hands of experienced surgeons shows a significant improvement in angulation with less deviation compared to freehand data in their hands.Will it work with my existing implant system?Yes, the X-Guide system conveniently works with any implant system, any drill set and works with several commonly used implant handpieces.Do I still need to order a guide/stent?No, there are no additional processing or shipping delays that are common in the static guide process. Patent-pending X-Point technology makes it easy to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focus point to assist in precisely guiding the surgical implant.

Your purchase will include:

(1)  X-Nav System w/ Mobile Cart, 24?? LCD Monitor, Boom Arm,  Keyboard, and Mouse<?xml:namespace prefix="o" />1 X-Guide Edentulous Kit (Never Used, includes, 18 Bone Screws) 1 X-Guide Probe Tool1 X-Guide Probe Tracker 10 X-Guide X-Clips            1 X-guide Offset Tracker Arm- Right 2 X-Guide Offset tracker Arm-Left1 X-Nav Instrument Kit1 X-Guide Handpiece Connector Arm1 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Product Condition
Used, functional

Minor marks
Manufacturer: X-Nav Technologies
Model: X-Guide
Serial Number: (Contact Us)
Power Requirements: 100-127V, 60Hz, 10A
Year: 2017

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