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Air Techniques Airstar 5 Dental Air Compressor Unit For Operatory Air Pressure

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Air Techniques Airstar 5 Dental Air Compressor Unit For Operatory Air Pressure


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Technician Testing Notes

  • Plugged unit into a power source and turned the unit on, the unit did not contain a shut off valve, had to use in office valve to test(Shut off valve is NOT included) ,verified that both motors turn on, verified that the unit builds pressure and holds it, the unit did not contain any leaks, the units limit switch is functional and did turn the motors off during operation when the specific pressure was reached, the unit has marks and scratches on it as well as rust damage on the feet and on the tank, the units power switches are broken, the power switches will still switch on and off but the plastic piece is broken,the unit is fully functional. -JT

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Tuttnauer?s global experience has earned it a reputation as an expert on worldwide Standards and Quality considerations. Moreover, Tuttnauer plays an active role in the European Standards Committee, which engages in Standards development. Tuttnauer offers comprehensive training programs and services to support the sterility assurance process.',' '}}

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Product Condition Used, functional
Power switch plastic is broken, Missing Shut off valve
Markd and Scratches Specifications
Manufacturer: Air Techniques
Model: AirStar 5
Serial Number: 561077
Power Requirements: 220V
Year: Not available

Lubrication Status: Oil-Free
Number of Motors: 2
Horsepower Per Head: 1
Horsepower Total: 2
Sound Cover Status: Not included
Pressure Maintained (PSI): 100psi
Charge Time (minutes): 2:03
Operating Noise:: 90