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Adec 6300 Dental Exam Light Surgical Lighting Unit - Low Price -75315

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Adec 6300 Dental Exam Light Surgical Lighting Unit - Low Price -75315


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Technician Testing Notes

  • Plugged unit into a warehouse transformer. The light turned on and tested the dimmer. Everything is fully functional. -JE

Features: Halogen bulb technology, dual handles for easy movement, neutral daylight light color temperature, 3 axis of rotation for head, light focus is bright and uniform, easy-to-adjust brightness levels, separate composite setting

Benefits: Provides ideal contrast for viewing the oral cavity, color temperature is ideal for diagnosis and shade matching, 3 axis of movement give maximum flexibility for dental professionals, long-lasting and proven design in general

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Product Condition Used, functional



Manufacturer: Adec
Model: 6300
Serial Number: Not available
Power Requirements: 120V
Year: Not available
Arm Length: 2.5 ft

Elbow Tension: Hold tension

Reflector Condition: Damage-free

Transformer Status: Not included

Power Plug Status: Has a power plug

Mount Type: Unit/post
Light Source: Halogen