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Dentsply Aeu-20 Dental Electric Control Console & Motor System

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Dentsply Aeu-20 Dental Electric Control Console & Motor System


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Technician Testing Notes

  • 6/30/2020 Plugged into 120v outlet turned on unit. Connected foot pedal and hand piece cord. Made sure all buttons were functional and they are. When pressing foot pedal hand piece motor spins up hand piece on motor spun up to with no issue hand piece is an Anthogyr MicroNiTi-GA

Features: Audible signal when the motor goes into auto reverse mode, motor has 4 reduction settings and 4 torque settings
Benefits: Audible auto reverse signal provides safety, multiple settings for motor provides convenience
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Product Condition Used, functional

Small scuffs and marks

Manufacturer: Dentsply
Model: AEU-20
Serial Number: KD24902-110-92
Power Requirements: 110V
Year: Not available