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Progeny Preva Dental Intraoral X-Ray Intra Oral 2014 Unit Bitewing System

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Progeny Preva Dental Intraoral X-Ray Intra Oral 2014 Unit Bitewing System


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Technician Testing Notes

  • 9-15-20Inspected unit wires and parts. Wired everything together and then to 115v power. Turned ray on and checked all lights, buttons, sounds, and the screen. Fired the ray on multiple modes. Overall, the x-ray is in good condition and is fully functional. Cleaned and sent to photo. -DR

Features: Easy-to-use display and sensor selection; adjustable kV, mA, and time settings; .4mm focal point

Benefits: DC technology, easy to use control for best exposure selection, stable arm suspension for precision aiming and movement, designed for years of work

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Product Condition Used, functional

No significant cosmetic damage

Manufacturer: Progeny
Model: Preva
Serial Number: DE14095
Power Requirements: 115V
Year: 2014

Mount Type: wall mount
Control Type: digital
Arm Lengths: 2 @ 31" ,1 @ 35"
Arm Tension Condition: holds position
Mounting Plate Status: Not included
Remote Switch Status: does not include remote switch

Attention Buyer

Finding and/or installing imaging software and drivers for digital dental equipment is the buyer's responsibility.

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