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Midmark 5-Operatory Package: Cabinets, Sterilization Center, Chairs, & More

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Midmark 5-Operatory Package: Cabinets, Sterilization Center, Chairs, & More

Monthly Payment:

Shop with confidence! This product has been fully inspected to avoid any buyer surprises. Read our in-depth product listing below.

Technician Testing Notes

  • Comes functional from a working office.

Your purchase will include:
- (5) Midmark Elevance chairs, each with delivery system (including scaler attachment) and LED exam lights
- (5) 12 O'clock cabinets with matching side units and Accutron digital flowmeters
- Midmark G5 dry vacuum pump system
- PowerAir P52 air compressor

Your purchase will NOT include: [[ItemDoesNotInclude]] - other accessories not shown or listed here.

This product is pre-owned and may not include the same accessories as a new, unused unit.

Return Policy: 30 Day Return Guarantee
Your satisfaction is important to us: Have your equipment installed by a factory-trained technician or Atlas-approved vendor to qualify for our return policy.
See our Terms and Conditions of Sale for details.

Product Condition

Used, functional

Minor marks


Exam Chair Manufacturer: Midmark
Exam Chair Model: Elevance
Exam Chair Serial Number: (Contact Seller)
Exam Chair Power Requirements: Not available
Exam Chair Year: Not available

-------------------------------------------ZERO SURPRISE SHIPPING--------------------------------------------

Attention Customer: This equipment is still in place at the seller's office. Upon receipt of your payment Atlas will:

1. Perform a final functionality verification process with the seller.

2. Finalize any Transfer of Ownership (TOO) paperwork.

3. Finalize logistics - will include proper packaging and/or special handling for the type of equipment you are buying.

The fulfillment time for your order will take as much as 4 weeks, but trust us... attention to detail is worth the wait!  We are committed to ensuring your order is smooth and surprise free.