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Midmark M11 2009 Dental Autoclave Medical Steam Sterilizer Machine 115V

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Midmark M11 2009 Dental Autoclave Medical Steam Sterilizer Machine 115V


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Technician Testing Notes

  • Visually inspected; Ran diagnostics and test cycle. Found that the heating element was heavily corroded, the fill/vent manifold assembly and the air solenoid showed signs of leaking so replaced all. Cleaned chamber, reservoir, all 4 trays and unit. Stripped unit down to the chassis and fully cleaned. Replaced all PM parts (Door/dam gaskets and wire mesh filters). Other parts replaced include the display, steam block and drain tube. Ran all 4 cycles and heat tested to 270F. Supplied with 4 trays and power cord. Unit is in great working condition with only a few marks and scratches to the panels.

Features: Automatic water filling, automatic steam pressure exhaust release, 30 minute drying phase, notifies staff that drying phase and sterilization are complete, dual gaskets on door assembly

Benefits: Reliable and proven design, easy to use, maintains maximum seal

Attention Buyer
This model may display code E001when the unit is plugged in for the first time. Press the "STOP" or "POWER" button to clear the code and operate the unit.

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Product Condition Used, functional



Manufacturer: Midmark
Model: M11
Serial Number: V798903
Power Requirements: 115V
Year: 2009
Sterilizer Type: steam chamber
Timer Function: features a timer with a variety of cycle options
Controls: digital control display
Chamber Depth: 18"
Chamber Diameter: 11"
Number of Trays: 4 trays
Cycle Count: 8930