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SciCan Statim 5000 Dental Dteam Cassette Autoclave Sterilizer Unit 110V

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SciCan Statim 5000 Dental Dteam Cassette Autoclave Sterilizer Unit 110V


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Technician Testing Notes

  • Visually inspected; Ran a test cycle before stripping unit down to the chassis. Cleaned the cassette, reservoir, chassis and unit. Fitted a new water pump, solenoid repair kit and keypad. Replaced all PM parts (Cassette seal, in line water filter, biological filter, check valve and safety valve. Filled reservoir with distilled water and connected unit to a 120V power supply. Calibrated unit, ran all 4 test cycles and heat tested to 270F. Supplied with a cassette, power cord and condenser waste bottle kit. Unit is in great working condition with some marks and scratches to the casing, the front panel has a minor crack above the cassette opening.

Features: Larger sterilization cassette, aseptic transport cassette, single-water use, automated sterilization programs

Benefits: Several cycles and options, digital display, easy-to-use control panel and cassette design

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Product Condition Used, functional



Manufacturer: SciCan
Model: STATIM 5000
Serial Number: 131008G00010
Power Requirements: 110V
Year: 2008
Sterilizer Type: steam cassette
Timer Function: features a timer with a variety of cycle options
Controls: digital control display
Chamber Depth: N/A
Chamber Diameter: N/A
Number of Trays: no trays necessary
Cycle Count: 7880
Software Version: V7.2 PC Board