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Tuttnauer 2340M Dental Medical Sterilizer Instrument Sterilizing Unit - 120V

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Tuttnauer 2340M Dental Medical Sterilizer Instrument Sterilizing Unit - 120V


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Technician Testing Notes

  • Visually inspected, properly levelled the unit, connected to a 120 volt power source, added distilled water and tested. Ran unit thru cycles at 250 F for 30 minutes or 270 F for 15 minutes several times. Temperature tested unit to verify maximum sterilizing temperature using a Max Register Thermometer and found unit to maintain 273 F for for an entire sterilizing cycle. Cleaned the flushed the Reservoir Tank installed a new Air Jet Valve. Cleaned the Sterilizing Chamber and installed a new Door Gasket and Door Bellows Assembly. Also installed into this unit were a new Multi-purpose Valve and Power Switch. Unit has a lot of yellow decolorization from disinfectant use on it. Unit is fully functional.

Features: Auto shut-off for both sterilization and drying cycles, safety-locking device for door
Benefits: Sturdy construction and design couple with safety and speed to quickly and reliably sterilize instruments, drain valve is located on the front for easy access and less moving around, built-in safety features to prevent overheating and opening the door during a cycle
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Product Condition Used, functional



Manufacturer: Tuttnauer
Model: 2340M
Serial Number: 2111852
Power Requirements: 120V
Year: 2002
Sterilizer Type: steam chamber
Timer Function: features a basic timer with one timing option
Controls: analog control knobs
Chamber Depth: 40 cm
Chamber Diameter: 23 cm
Number of Trays: 3 trays
Cycle Count: Cycle count not available on manual models.