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Used Dental Exam Chair | Pelton & Crane SP30

The Pelton & Crane SP30 dental chair (also known as Spirit 3000) is used to position the patient so that the oral cavity is in the desired position for the dentist to perform various dental procedures.

The Spirit 3000 dental chair offers ergonomically-positioned touchpads to control motion, and is available in a narrow back and traditional back versions.

  • Chair mounted touch pads
  • Plush ultra-leather upholstery
  • Lower Minimum Height
  • New Base Design
  • New One-Touch Programming
  • Narrow back design enables ergonomic efficiency
  • Maximum access to the oral cavity, while keeping Patients comfortably supported
  • Chair operations are more intuitive, fast, and simple
  • Improves the patient’s ability to easily enter or exit the chair with feet firmly on the floor


Electrical medical devices are subject to special EMC safety measurements and as a result the equipment must be installed according to the Pelton and Crane installation instruction manual.


Portable and mobile high frequency electronic communications equipment may interfere with electronic medical devices.


Where labeled this equipment contains static sensitive devices that require special precautions when handling. At a minimum a grounded wrist strap that is connected to ground stud should be worn to reduce the possibility of damage to the unit

Technical Specifications: 
  • Base CompositionCast : 
    Aluminium Base Plate
  • Position Options: 
    3 Positions
  • Control Location/Type: 
    Dual Integrated Touchpads
  • Upholstery Options: 
    Standard Naugasoft Upholstery
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 
    Approximately 450 lbs
  • Swivel: 
    30 ° Left, 30 ° Right of Centerline
  • Power Frequency: 
    50/60 HZ
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) IEC: 
    +/-6 kV contact +/-8 kV air
  • RF emissions CISPR-11: 
    Class A