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Used Dental Exam Chairs | Dansereau Californian ( 808 )

The California Dental Chair is used to position the patient so the oral cavity is in the desired position for the dentist to perform various dental procedures. 

  • Thin Seat Back
  • Removable/Reversible Cushions
  • Dual Hands Controls Operation
  • Automatic Return Included
  • Does not require any lubrication
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonimic in design
Technical Specifications: 
  • Lift Patient Capacity: 
  • Dental Chair Weight: 
  • Dental Equipment: 
    Classification B (Inside Use Only) IPX4
  • Power Input: 
    115volts or 230volts
  • Backrest Features: 
    Thin Seat Back
  • Control Location / Type: 
    Foot Control / Touchpad Controls
  • Automatic Return: