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Used Dental Exam Chairs | DentalEZ Simplicity Patient Chairs

The Simplicity by DentalEZTM Chair offers state-of the-art design for optimum operatory performance with complete work comfort and unrestricted patient access.

  • Ergonomically designed base plate
  • Quiet and smooth hydraulic system
  • Thin tapered back
  • Swing down arms
  • Naugahyde upholstery
  • Base safety switch feature
  • Dual articulating or magnetic headrest
  • Chair brake positioned on doctor's side
  • Foot control operated
  • Four operator-programmable positions
  • Cast iron chair frame and aluminum casting chair back, armrest, headrest and base
  • Provides the dental team with free movement from 9:00 to 12:00 positions
  • Stabile and smooth, quiet operation
  • Better access to the oral cavity
  • Easy patient entry/exit and
  • Allow the dentist to easily change from left to right without any tools
  • Ensures nothing gets caught underneath the base as it lowers
  • Provides easy and rapid patient positioning
  • Reduced time needed for chair adjustment
  • If the chair is part of an operatory, wait until entire installation is complete before installing upholstery. Failure to do so may result in damaging the upholstery.
  • To prevent possible injury because of accidental operation, do not leave young children unattended.
  • The armrests should not be used as a means of support when entering, exiting or leaning against the chair.
  • Never use abrasives or petroleum-based cleaners on any plastic or coated metal surfaces unless otherwise specified.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Dimensions (Inch): 
    57 L x 34 W x 32 H
  • Empty Weight: 
    300 Lbs.
  • Delivery System Capacity: 
    125 Lbs.
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 
    300 Lbs.
  • Total Lift Capacity: 
    450 lbs.
  • Supply Voltage: 
    115/230 VAC
  • Frequency: 
    50/60 Hz
  • Control Voltage: 
    5 VDC
  • Operation Mode: 
    Duty Cycle: Intermittent, 25 Second ON - 300 Second OFF
  • Classification: 
    Class 1, Type B
  • Fuse Type M: 
    F1/F2 - 10A, F3 - 100mA Or, F1/F2 - 6.3A, F3 - 63mA
  • Temperature: 
    -5° C to +40° C
  • Relative Humidity: 
    10% to 100% non-condensing