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Used Dental Exam Lights | Adec 6300 Dental Operatory Light

Equipment currently available

A-dec dental light gives a clear view of tooth surfaces, the precision-balanced arm allows for smooth positioning, and a diagonal axis lets you angle the light head just where you need it.

  • Halogen bulb technology
  • Dual handles for easy movement
  • Neutral daylight light color temperature
  • 3 axis of rotation for head
  • Light focus is bright and uniform
  • Easy-to-adjust brightness levels
  • Separate composite setting
  • Provides ideal contrast for viewing the oral cavity
  • Color temperature is ideal for diagnosis and shade matching
  • 3 axis of movement give maximum flexibility for dental professionals
  • Long-lasting and proven design in general
  • Illuminance (intensity) exceeds international and military specifications which may increase eye strain and fatigue.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power Requirements:: 
  • Focal range:: 
    Adjustable; 18 - 31 inches (457 - 787 mm)
  • Bulb:: 
    Quartz Xenon Halogen, single-end prongs
  • Lamp rating: : 
    17V/ 95W
  • Color temperature: : 
    5000 Kelvin
  • Light pattern: : 
    3.3" x 6.3" at 27.6" (84 mm x 160 mm at 701 mm)