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Used Dental Exam Lights | Knight Model L Post Mount

The Knight L Post Mount is a dental exam light used by dental professionals to illuminate the oral cavity while performing examinations and dental procedures.

  • Post Mounted Light
  • High, Medium and Low Settings
  • Unit Hard-wiring Connection
  • Cool Operation Temperature
  • Light functions on all settings and arm holds tension
  • Ensures proper illumination in all areas of the oral cavity
  • Help minimize eye fatigue
  • Provides cooler light 
  • To guarantee the operational safety of electromedical devices, it is recommended that the operation of mobile radio telephones in the medical practice or hospital be prohibited
Technical Specifications: 
  • Voltage: 
  • Mount Type: 
    Unit / Post
  • Frame Color: 
  • Arm Length: 
    30" - 33"
  • Power Plug Status: 
    The cord requires hard wiring or a plug replacement