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Used Dental Furnace Ivoclar Vivadent EP3000

The Programat EP 3000/G2 furnace is the state of the art furnace for dental applications such as pressing and firing dental ceramic materials. 


1. Power saving technology 

2. Thermo Shock Protection

3. Cooling Shock Protection


From the manufacturer:
The Power Saving Technology enables the power consumption in the stand-by mode to be reduced by up to 40 percent. This positively affects the energy costs and helps protect the environment. The Thermo Shock Protection (TSP) prevents a thermal shock in the ceramic if the furnace head is closed at excessive temperatures. Furthermore, the EP 5000 model has been equipped with the Cooling Shock Protection (CSP) technology, which reduces the residual stresses in the ceramic material by means of a special opening process.

Technical Specifications: 
  • Length: 
    430 mm
  • Width: 
    305 mm
  • Height: 
    565 mm
  • Weight: 
    19 kg
  • Voltage: