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Used Dental Furnace Ivoclar Vivadent EP5000

The Programat EP 5000/G2 furnace is the state of the art furnace for dental applications such as pressing and firing dental ceramic materials.


1. Crack detection system

2. High resolution swivel color display

3. Customized sensors

4. IPS Emax Press multi program



From the Manufacturer:

The operating unit has a large, clearly arranged, high-resolution, swivel color display and can be operated via touchscreen or with the membrane-sealed keypad. Another control feature is the Crack Detection System identifies cracks in the investment ring and aborts the press procedure, saving restorations and minimizing press failures. Customized sensors allow the system to identify its surroundings to ensure its suitable for operation. The IPS e.max Press Multi ingots revolutionize the press technique. They are composed of clinically proven lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2), which exhibits a high flexural strength of 500 MPa. The ingots show a graduated level of shade and translucency similar to that of natural teeth 

Technical Specifications: 
  • Length: 
    470 mm
  • Width: 
    305 mm
  • Height: 
    565 mm
  • Weight: 
    45 lb
  • Voltage: