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Used Dental Handpieces | Adec HA-43LT STRAIGHT ATTACHMENT

The HA-43 LT Handpiece is a 1:1 straight attachment from A-dec W&H. It is suited for extraoral adjustments, soft relines intended for chair-side adjustments, and light lab work. It has the added benefits of spray coolant and light, and is the perfect handpice for cutting a tooth for cavity preparations, crown preparation, crown finishing, inlay, filling and polishing.

  • Twist-tension Chucking System
  • 1:1 Straight Attachment
  • E-coupling Connection Type
  • Single spray cooling system
  • Efficient Operation Lighting
  • Has a quick change chucking system for faster handling
  • Reduces risk of overheating
  • Can be used in many dental applications
  • Its grip profile makes it very easy to handle
  • Promotes, faster and easier dental operations
  • Always ensure the correct operating conditions and cooling functions
  • Always ensure that sufficient and adequate cooling is delivered and ensure adequate suctions. In case of coolant supply failure, the straight/contra-angle handpiece must be stopped immediately
  • Lastly, avoid contact between the instrument head and soft tissue
Technical Specifications: 
  • Handpiece Type: 
    Straight handpiece
  • Connection Type: 
  • Length: 
    1.34" with contra angle. 50
  • Maximum Air Motor : 
    25,000 (rpm)
  • Maximum Electric Motor: 
    40,000 (rpm)
  • Cooling System : 
    Single-spray Water Cooling System
  • Chuck Type: 
    Twist-tension Chucking System
  • Speed Ratio: