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Used Dental Handpieces | Kerr 23Es Contra Angle Attachment

The Kerr 23Es Contra Angle Attachment is intended for the removal of carious material, cavity and crown preparations, removal of fillings, processing of tooth and restoration surfaces.


Transmission 1:3
Speed range up to 132,000 rpm
1-port spray
Push button
100° head angle
For friction grip burs
For use with any "E" style connection
Air or electric motor
Durable hygienic coating with textured surface for easy grip


Ergonomic Design
Can be thermally disinfected
Sterilised in autoclaves at temperatures of up to 135°C
Can be washed in the Miele thermodisinfector

  • Before each use, perform a test run with the handpiece, and watch for atypical heating and unusual noise and vibration.
  • Immediately stop using handpieces that act unusual.
  • Never press the pushbutton during operation. This also includes lifting the cheek or tongue