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Used Dental Handpieces | SybronEndo Endo Contra Angle

SybronEndo’s M4 Safety Handpiece has several features designed to aid the endodontic practitioner in efficiently and effectively performing root canal therapy. The watch-winding, oscillating movement of the M4 Safety Handpiece keeps the instrument "floating" in the canal. The operator controls coronal and apical pressure, while the M4 smoothly and efficiently "glides" the endo instrument through the canal. That’s the "Safety" in the M4 Handpiece.

  • Specialized chuck compatible with most hand files
  • Chuck has been designed to oscillate, mimicking the watch-winding motion
  • Efficient in root canal preparations
  • Available for E-style motors or TC Cordless Handpieces
  • Compatible with most hand files
  • Greatly reduces fatigue
  • Do not wipe or clean with high acid wateror sterilizing solutions.
  • Not foruse with air-driven motors. Useonlyelectric motors.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Allowable Max. MotorSpeed: 
    10,000 min-1 (rpm)
  • Gear reduction ratio: