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Used Dental Intraoral X-Ray | Trophy Mobile X-Ray

The Trophy Intraoral X-ray is a mobile x-ray device used to produce and examine high level details of the tooth, bone and supporting tissues of the mouth.

  • 70kVp Penetration
  • Beam Limiting Device
  • Adjustable Arm Lengths
  • High Quality and Advanced Technology
  • Minimum of Distortion or Magnification
  • Has optimal density and contrast 
  • Offer high quality and advanced technology
  • Shows teeth and anatomic structures accurately with a minimum of distortion or magnification
  • Provides dentists diagnostic power of medical imaging
  • Helps determine periodontal disease and other oral care issue
  • Monitors good tooth health through prevention​
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power Supply: 
    110V / 10A
  • Energy Needed: 
  • Device Type: 
    Mobile X-ray Device
  • X-ray Tube Anode: 
  • Focal Point: 
    0.7 x 0.7mm