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Used Dental Lab Articulator | Denar Mark II

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What do we mean by ?

The Denar Mark II semi-adjustable articulator is used for dental lab articulation design.

  • Protrusive angle: 0-60°
  • Immediate side shift: 0-4mm
  • Progressive side shift: 5-15°
  • Removable upper member
  • Retaining springs hold members together without being locked in centric
  • Positive centric latch
  • 110mm intercondylar distance
  • Rear wall posterior inclination of 25°
  • Simple and practical to use
  • Economical
  • Versatile tool for lab articulation procedures
Technical Specifications: 
  • Construction: 
  • Degree range of condylar path metal: 
    0 - 60°
  • Horizontal range of condylar path: 
    0 - 4mm
  • Compatible facebows: 
    Denar Slidematic facebow
  • Mounting plate attachment type: 
  • Available attachment pins: 
    Short round incisal pin
  • Intercondylar distance: