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Used Dental Laser Dentistry | Biolase iLase (1469)

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The iLase™ dental soft tissue laser is a surgical device designed for a wide variety of dental soft tissue procedures. The iLase uses a solid state laser diode as a source of invisible infrared radiation. The energy is delivered to the treatment site via a single-use fiber optic tip assembly. Several types of tips are available for use with the iLase to perform different procedures. Power and pulse mode are factory installed for 10 common soft tissue procedures:

  • Gingival troughing for crown impressions
  • Gingivectomies
  • Treatment of perio pockets
  • Sulcular debridement
  • Frenectomies
  • Excisions Aphthous ulcers
  • Hemostasis
  • Exposure of unerupted teeth
  • Implant recovery
  • Crown lengthening
  • Plus, you can add two extra custom presets of your own.

The iLase system consists of two elements:

The iLase Handpiece contains the laser diode, the replaceable fiber optic tip, removable cover with integrated finger grip, a main body with control electronics, integrated selector·switch, organic LED (OLED) display, and rechargeable battery. The iLase Handpiece delivers laser energy, under user control, to the treatment site.

The iLase Charging Station is used for charging and storing the iLase and replacement batteries. The iLase and discharged batteries are placed in receptacles in the charging station where they are automatically recharged. Up to four batteries with or without main bodies attached may be charged at one time. The Charging Station contains four charging indicator lights located on the front panel of the charger.

  • ComfortPulse mode of operation
  • Delivers 5 watts of peak laser power
  • Up to 3 watts of continuous laser power
  • Operates without cords, outlets, or foot pedals
  • Wrap around finger switch accessible from any angle in the oral cavity
  • "Standby" & "Ready Mode" protection
  • Fully autoclavable for easy infection control
  • Performs 24 soft-tissue and hygiene procedures
  • Uses Biolase’s  full range of bendable tips 
  • Performs longer procedures and shorter procedures
  • The iLase™ charging station recharges up to four iLase™ batteries simultaneously
  • Hassle free and tangle free
  • Increased productivity
  • Versatile at the Touch of a finger
  • Batteries can be recharged whether or not they are connected to the handpiece
  • Balanced and ergonomic design for the ultimate in comfort


  • All persons present in the operatory must wear protective laser eyewear for the laser wavelength of 940nm.
  • Do not aim the laser at metallic or reflective surfaces such as surgical instruments or dental mirrors. Laser beam reflections from these surfaces create a potential hazard.
  • Do not look directly into the beam or at specular reflections. Never direct or point the beam at anyone’s eyes.
  • Do not operate this device in the presence of explosive or flammable materials. Flammable anesthetics or oxidizing gases such as nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) should be avoided. Solvents of adhesives and flammable solutions used for cleaning and disinfecting should be allowed to evaporate before laser is used. Attention should also be drawn to the danger of ignition of endogenous gases.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Dimensions : Charging Station (W X D X H): 
    4.7” X 4.0” X 2.8”
  • iLase Handpiece with surgical tip and battery attached (Length X Diameter): 
    8.1” X 0.75”
  • Power Supply (W X D X H): 
    1.77” X 2.36” X 2.26”
  • Weight : iLase Complete System: 
    1.89 lbs
  • iLase Charging Station: 
    0.87 lbs
  • iLase with Battery attached: 
    0.22 lbs
  • iLase Charging Station PowerSupply and cord/plug set: 
    0.62 lbs
  • Electrical : Voltage (to power supply): 
    90 – 230 VAC
  • Amperage (max): 
  • Frequency: 
    50 – 60 Hz
  • Electrostatic Discharge Immunity: 
    Up to 10 KV (per IEC 60601)
  • Battery: 
    Lithium ion 3.7 V 800 mAh
  • Recharge Time (fully discharged): 
    2 hours
  • Safety: 
    Discharge over current sensor and resettable circuit breaker
  • Laser : Laser Class : 
    IV (4)
  • Wavelength: 
    940 nm ± 10nm
  • Output Power: 
    3.0 W Max CW / 5.0 W Peak Power (Pulse Mode)
  • Power Accuracy: 
    ± 20%
  • Pulse Duration: 
    Continuous | 0.1 ms | 1 ms
  • Pulse Interval: 
    | 0.2 ms | 1 ms
  • Aiming Beam: 
    Laser diode, max 1 mW, 625-670nm, Class 1
  • N.O.H.D.: 
    2.61 meters
  • Environmental : Temperature - Operating: 
    68° – 77° F (20° – 25° C)
  • Temperature - Storage: 
    59° – 90° F (15° – 35° C)
  • Humidity - Operating: 
    15 – 95 % non-condensing
  • Humidity - Storage: 
    10 – 70 % non-condensing
  • Altitude - Operating: 
    maximum 10,000 ft (3048 m)
  • Altitude - Storage: 
    maximum 12,000 ft (3658 m)