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Used Dental Laser Dentistry | Hoya Conbio Diodent II

The Hoya ConBio's Diodent II is a Laser Surgical Instrument used for multiple soft tissue surgical procedures. The DioDent™ II provides a cost-effective way for dentists to bring the newest generation of diode laser technology to their practices.

  • ConBio Diode Laser Technology
  • Fiber Optic Wirings
  • Light Weight Laser Surgical Instrument
  • Less to No Pain Operations
  • Less to No Bleeding Operations
  • Promotes reduction of anxiety in people uncomfortable with the dental drill
  • Helps minimize bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments
  • Offers better preservation of more healthy tooth during cavity removal
  • Is very light weight and can be easily brought to any operation sites
Technical Specifications: 
  • Voltage: 
  • Max Energy: 
    300 mW 12 watts
  • Wave Length: 
    Approx 650 nm - 810 mn
  • Pulse Width: 
  • Application: 
    Soft Tissue and Aesthetic Procedures
  • Device Type: 
    Powered Laser Surgical Instrument
  • Operation Control: 
    Foot control/pedal