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Used Dental Vacuum Pumps | RamVac VACU05 W/ Otter tank

The RamVac VACU05 (RAMVAC 550) dental dry vacuum pump is a waterless oil rotary vane system which is used for dental suction applications. With the Otter Tank, you get the right strength, excellent corrosion resistance (not typically available from metal tanks), a shape and size easily adaptable to your specific location and the rest of your vacuum equipment, and plumbing connections that ease installations.


RamVac VACU05

  • Exclusive spiral oiling system
  • two chambers oiling system
  • Contains a used oil drain valve
  • Filtrol system adjusts and controls the vacuum level 
  • The system contains a positive displacement rotary vane pump

RamVac Otter tank

  • Non-corrodable polymer
  • Available in 15 or 30 gallon capacity
  • Extra large drain valve
  • Tested to 18" Hg
  • Ribbed Construction
  • Steel "Trucker Proof" side supports
  • Rubber couplings included
  • Four adjustable feet
  • No cement plumbing connections
  • Stacks with Bulldog or Bison
  • Suspension hooks available
  • Height extender kit available
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and reliable
Technical Specifications: 
  • Number of Heads: 
  • Horsepower Total: 
    1 HP
  • Power requirements: