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Intraoral Camera Buyer's Guide



Choosing the right dental intraoral camera for your practice can be complicated. We’re here to help. We’ve chosen the top specifications to consider when buying an intraoral camera, and broken them down into a short and simple buyer's guide.

Use this guide as you decide which intraoral camera is right for your office.

Before You Begin: Ask the Right Questions

If this is your first time picking out an intraoral camera, Dr. Jeff Rohde of recommends asking yourself the following 7 questions before beginning your search:

  1. What type of connection does the intraoral camera have?
  2. Does it work with my existing software, or is there a software bridge that can be used?
  3. How does it feel in my hand? Consider the weight
  4. Is the capture button placement easy to reach and press?
  5. What type of focus (manual vs. auto) does the camera have, and will that fit the needs of my practice?
  6. Will I use this just for intraoral images, or do I need a camera capable of extraoral capture?
  7. What is the warranty period?

Top Model Comparison

We’ve created a comparison chart of 4 top intraoral cameras on the used market:

 If you have a newer version of any of these, chances are the specs still apply.