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Used Intraoral Camera Product Guide

Find your perfect intraoral camera by reviewing our used intraoral camera product guide. We've highlighted some of the most popular intraoral cameras in our store. Click on the section headings to be taken to the camera’s product page, which offers detailed specs, user manuals, and current inventory.

Dexis DEXcam3

The DEXcam 3 features a 4-LED light source and a CCD sensor for sharp, high-definition intraoral images.

Dexis Dexcam 3


Digital Doc IRIS

The Digital Doc IRIS offers a user-friendly, multi-stop focus wheel, a stainless steel exterior, and a tip that is small, narrow, and soft. It’s got an 8-LED lighting system that produces sharp images.

Digital Doc Iris


Kodak (Carestream) 1500

The Kodak 1500 is available in both a wired and wireless version. It features 8-LED lighting and an autofocus system. The wireless version comes with a charging stand for the camera handpiece.

Kodak 1500


Schick USBCam

The USBCam offers a lightweight, smooth-contour design.