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Used Dental Autoclave Product Guide

Find the perfect dental autoclave for your operatory by reviewing our used dental autoclave product guide. We've highlighted some of the most popular dental autoclaves in our store. Click on the section headings or equipment cards to be taken to the autoclave’s product page, which offers detailed specs, user manuals, and current inventory for sale.

Midmark Ultraclave

The Ultraclave from Midmark features an exclusive automatic-opening door and a specialized steam-flush pressure-pulse air removal system. This ensures proper steam penetration and fast drying.

Ultraclave units come in an M11 model and an M9 model, named for the chamber diameter of each. The M11 version features an 11" chamber that holds larger loads than its M9 counterpart.

Both M11 and M9 Ultraclaves come in the original version or a new-body version with a sleeker, updated look.

Midmark Ultraclave Autoclave

Midmark M7 Speedclave

Smaller than its Ultraclave cousins, the M7 Speedclave offers fewer bells and whistles, but as you can probably guess from its name, it features faster cycle times and streamlined operation.